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When you need garage door services in Denver, you need a service provider that gets the job done fast and efficiently.

That applies to new garage door installations and repairs. At Red Rocks Garage Doors, our well-trained installers have the expertise to install and repair all types of garage doors.

Garage Door Services in Colorado
24/7 New Garage Door Installation in Denver

New Garage Door Installation

At Red Rocks Garage Doors, we provide a full range of services that target the installation of new garage doors.

As part of the process, we are happy to consult with you regarding the right garage door solution for your home. Picking the right solution matters because at the end of the day, matching your garage door to your home will enhance the look and value of your property.

As for the garage door installation process, our professional installers are very proficient at installing new garage doors of all shapes and sizes. In most cases, the installation process will take 3 to 5 hours.

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Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

Garage doors come with lots of components (tiles, hinges, springs) and moving parts. When something breaks, gets damaged, or malfunctions, opting for repairs over a new garage door might be prudent.

Our garage door repair and maintenance services include frame alignments, adjusting garage door hardware, replacement of panels and parts, and periodic maintenance of working components. Our repair and maintenance services are applicable to all styles and brands of garage doors. Our prices are fair and competitive.

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Emergency Garage Door Repair and Maintenance
Garage door services in Denver Metro  Area

Garage Door Openers

In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine not using an electronic garage door opener. When it’s time for a new garage door opener or repairs to your existing opener, we need the job done quickly and efficiently. You can count on Red Rocks Garage Doors to do exactly that.

Our installers have training and experience working with all types and brands of garage door openers. As for types, that includes screw drive openers, chain drive openers, and belt drive openers. If you are looking for a certain type of opener to address certain needs, we would be happy to offer suggestions.

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Why choose Red Rocks Garage Doors?

As a service consumer, you want garage door services in Denver that you can rely on every time you call. At Red Rocks Garage Doors, we take special care to get the job right with a satisfaction guarantee on everything our installers do.

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When you need garage door services in Denver, you need a service provider that gets the job done fast and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me to choose the right garage door?

Yes. We do offer design consultation services. Our goal would be to recommend the right garage door solution, the one that would match the style of your home while meeting your needs in terms of function and convenience.

How much time it will take to install the door?

In most cases, we can complete a new garage door installation in 2 to 4 hours. Of course, the time it takes will depend on the size of the door and the style of your home.

What is your Warranty?

As a top garage door company in Denver, we typically work with garage door manufacturers that provide a minimum one-year warranty on material and workmanship. Some manufacturers do offer extended warranties. For our services, we offer 6 months warranty.

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