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If you stay in a house with a garage, upkeep must be done to ensure that the door performs normally. Due to the city’s seasonal winter conditions, garage doors in Denver can be susceptible to damage more often in regions where there’s little winter precipitation.

Things like oxidation from rust along the springs and cables, wear on the drums, and shifts in the foundation from which the garage is built can cause severe damage. Openers may snap when under stress from aging.

Red Rocks Garage Doors does garage door repair in Denver and solves all the problems described, and lots more.

Install new garage door in Denver

Install new garage door

We offer a complete range of new garage doors and installation services for Denver garage doors made from vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and wood.

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Repair and maintenance of garage door in Denver

Repair and maintenance

When garage door damage is minimal, we do have the ability to make certain repairs, including the replacement of springs, panels, frames, and security latches.

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Openers installation in Denver

Openers installation

When a new garage door opener is needed, we can install all types of garage door openers (chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, etc.).

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Garage Door Repair in Denver Made Easy

If you’re unfamiliar with Red Rocks Garage Doors, you’ll want to know the kinds of services they have before asking for garage door service.

As shown in its name, it’s a garage door company that focuses on three essential duties. The first is installation, the initial building of a garage door.

The second is repairs, which could be light or heavy-duty work. And the final concerns openers, since they make up a sizable portion of repairs that homeowners need to be done. Let’s dive into each of the three primary services named.

1. Garage Door Installation in Denver

Garage Door Installation in Denver

Driving through Denver, you’ll see plenty of commercial and residential areas with garages. They’re heavily used by homeowners and by companies in various industries.

That’s why Red Rocks Garage Doors can install them in either place. Getting a new garage door can be a challenge for anyone, especially when attempting to go at installing one alone. Many unforeseen hurdles must be tended to, some of which you might not know about until mid-construction.

Many people simply don’t have the time or capability to build one from scratch. Therefore, the easiest way is to contact professionals that can handle the job for you. Garage door installation in Denver can also be tricky due to weather conditions in the city.

You may want to have the job completed before it gets cold, a deadline that might be hard to meet when there’s no one else to help. A professional garage door service can take care of garage installations at any time of the year and deliver you the same great results.

To get the installation service started, just contact Red Rocks Garage Doors. From there, you can exchange relevant information about the work you want to do, including the kind of door you wish to have installed.

2. Garage Door Repair in Denver

Like everything in a home, your garage will have to undergo repairs at some point. It could be many years since you’ve had repair work done to your garage. When was the last time you gave it a thorough inspection or had a professional take a look at it? When garages aren’t repaired properly, they can become impossible or even dangerous to use.

The garage door opener, for example, must be securely held onto the frame and track to run smoothly down for you to close your door.

The railings could take on rust, dirt, and debris that stresses out the entire garage. Even the concrete in which it’s built could shift and put exorbitant stress on the door, making all of its parts wear down faster than expected.

In the worst-case scenario, your garage could be hard to pull up or down. Not to mention the cables which are supposed to help the door move. Garage professionals are here to fix these issues when they happen, strengthening your garage even better than it was when the door was first installed.

Is There More? – Everything from door spring repairs and drum replacements can be done by Red Rock Garage Doors. Every part of your garage that needs an update can be fixed.

3. Garage Door Opener Services

At the heart of every garage is a garage door opener. Think of it as the engine for your garage. It’s what allows the cable to pull the door up and down.

The motors are automatic, so repair work is recommended to be done on them annually, at least as the bare minimum. It’ll work out better for you if the opener is inspected every three months. That way, issues can be noticed quickly before they morph into unwanted and prolonged headaches.

At one time, garage door openers weren’t as common as they are now. Those times are a long time, with plenty of models existing that are easy to come by.

Even while they might be easy to acquire, doing install work or repairs to the average opener is still very tricky. You don’t want to mistakenly damage something in the process of trying to fix something by yourself. It’s much easier to break an opener than other parts of your garage.

What about garage doors itself? Are you looking for a fix to one that’s broken? Whether it’s a screw, belt, and chain-type door, installation is quick and painless when upgrades are carried out by companies with a good reputation.

Garage Doors and a Technician

How Red Rocks Garage Doors can Benefit You

A garage door repair in Dever is no easy feat. You must put up with unpredictable weather and conditions that can extend out a do-it-yourself attempt at installation.

There’s no reason in today’s age to add on to your garage by yourself. Here are some primary benefits that Red Rocks Garage Doors offers:

There’s no reason in today’s age to add on to your garage by yourself. Here are some primary benefits that Red Rocks Garage Doors offers:

Local Teams at Your Service

The best garage work is done by people who understand the area you live in.

Red Rocks Garage Doors has employers that live in the Denver area, and can quickly fill you in on things like the foundation in which your garage lies, parts quality, and more. They’re skilled and can network with co-workers to help speed up the service provided to customers.

Some garage doors Denver has are best looked at by someone that knew the area, one who can accurately judge how best a new garage should be built, and if changed to its reinforcement are needed based on local terrain and seasonal variations.

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Red Rocks Garage Doors has employers that live in the Denver area, and can quickly fill you in on things like the foundation in which your garage lies, parts quality, and more. They’re skilled and can network with co-workers to help speed up the service provided to customers.

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