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Garage rollers are a lot like the wheels on your vehicle. They’re attached to different interchangeable parts, some of which may last longer than others. Second, they roll.

But their ability to roll can be hindered over time. Lastly, they’re prone to aging that requires servicing, preferably at least once a year. Red Rocks Garage Doors will help to maintain the upkeep of your garage.

Specializing in garage door installation, they’re capable of turning the oldest garage into one that performs similarly to a house that’s just recently built. From the time that you call to the end of your installation, you’ll be happy to do business with them. There’s no other garage door company in Denver with the integrity, professionalism, and integrity that Red Rocks Garage Doors offers.

Install new garage door in Denver

Install new garage door

We offer a complete range of new garage doors and installation services for Denver garage doors made from vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and wood.

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Repair and maintenance of garage door in Denver

Repair and maintenance

When garage door damage is minimal, we do have the ability to make certain repairs, including the replacement of springs, panels, frames, and security latches.

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Openers installation in Denver CO

Openers installation

When a new garage door opener is needed, we can install all types of garage door openers (chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, etc.).

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Red Rocks Garage Doors Benefits

Here are the benefits of working with Red Rocks Garage Doors:

Service can go a long way in determining whether a customer revisits or contacts a business. It should be fast and reliable, no matter where you live in the area. When compared to other companies offering the same garage door service, it should excel in areas that you’re contacting them for in the first place.

If you’re having problems with your wheels, for instance, you wouldn’t go to a company that claims a specialty in door frames only. You need one that can take care of multiple problems and give you stellar results. Prices should also be fair, not something that you’ll pay for at top dollar. Garage door companies that offer fair pricing will typically advertise that fact so that you know who to turn to first. And finally, the parts they keep shouldn’t be something that you’ll find in your local dollar store.

Remember, your garage is the largest barrier to your home that serves as an entranceway. If it’s not working, it could make simple activities much harder to accomplish.

Pulling in and out of your driveway whilst in your car might be impossible to do. Have kids? They might have trouble getting the door to lift on their own when wanting to take their bikes out for a ride. Small problems like this can morph into bigger ones as time persists. Garage door professionals will prevent this long before they become an issue.

What’s Promised to Our Customers

Garage Doors Replacement and Maintenance

Red Rocks Garage Doors keeps its word on everything, from the moment that you call to viewing the finishing touches of the service offered. Garage door rollers are a specialty since that is one of the main reason people request service in the first place.

What’s promised is the quality of the parts. Some businesses will install parts that have been sitting in a garage for a long time, things that become old through corrosion or natural old age. The parts that you get from Red Rocks Garage Doors are guaranteed to be new, every time. Another promise is the customer service that you’ll receive.

You want to interact with people that are professional all the time, from their appearance, cleanliness, and overall demeanor while working in your garage. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that you’ll get from every garage door service.

The best businesses for customers are those that understand what people want and how to interact with them. Knowledgeable staff is a part of that.

The third promise is the longevity of the parts relied upon. It wouldn’t be beneficial for a garage door company to use parts that aren’t built to last for a long while. If that were the case, they wouldn’t be recommended by other customers. The longer the length of time one has to wait to call for garage services, the better the accomplishment of the service that was used the previous time.

The Best Garage Door Rollers – What Are They?

There is no straight answer to this question. To give an appropriate answer depends on the kind of materials used on the wheels and several other factors. Most metal wheel rollers rely upon doors that are classified as industrial, where things like their strength, lifting capacity, and steel density determine which is most recommended.

Then there’s longevity. If this is considered, then wheels with steel rollers are the best option. But what about vinyl wheels? They are some of the most silent wheels around. If you have neighbors with garages that you notice mark hardly any noise at all, they’re likely using some with vinyl as the primary material.

Steel wheels, on the other hand, are very loud. They’re so loud, they can easily be heard a yard away from the place where the sound is emanating. Additionally, things like the ball bearings, shaft, cage, and rings can all be used to determine which garage door rollers are best.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

Denver garage door services should be reliable. Businesses that you can count on will offer more than just a general garage door roller replacement, even if that’s the primary thing you want. All rollers have a shelf life, so to speak.

Unfortunately, many homeowners go years or even decades without changing theirs. It’s not advised to do this by any means. The rollers serve as the spine of your entire garage. If any of its rollers break, the entire system could be compromised. That’s why a replacement is highly recommended the moment you see trouble with any of the wheels.

Garage Door Rollers Replacement in Denver

Garage Door Maintenance and Repair

Changing garage door rollers is best when done by a professional. There are plenty of sites on the web that teach how to replace garage door roller pieces for all types of garages. To avoid all the hassle and expensive costs of going about this yourself, phone a company instead. You’ll save time and expenses, as making repairs isn’t something that most have time to complete as quickly as a garage door company can.

Why choose Red Rocks Garage Doors?

Red Rocks Garage Doors has all the right tools to complete your garage door installation swiftly. They’re a garage door company in Denver, working diligently to handle customers throughout the area. Call them now to say goodbye to all of your garage door troubles.

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